18 carat Gold Price in Rajkot Today

18 carat gold rate today in Rajkot || 18k gold rate today in Rajkot today

In this post, you will know what is the price of 18 carat gold price in Rajkot today.


In this post, you will get the correct price of 18 carat gold of Rajkot city on time every day.

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18 carat Gold Rate in Rajkot Today

1 Gram        3710

8 Gram        29,680

10 Gram      37,100

100 Gram     3,71,100


18k gold rate today in jaipur

The prices of 18 carat gold depend on the international market, as the gold prices fluctuate in the international market

Because of that, gold prices are also affected in the Indian bullion market.

Today 18 carat gold prices have become cheaper by up to ₹ 30 per 10 grams

But let us tell you that, according to senior analysts, due to the decrease in the demand for gold in the Indian retail market, there is a decline in gold prices at present.

So if you are looking to buy gold and silver jewelry then you have a great opportunity because according to analysts in the next few days gold and silver prices will see a rise due to the festival season.