Valentine week 2023 date sheet

Valentine’s Week is a week-long celebration leading up to Valentine’s Day on February 14th. It is a time for couples, friends, and family to express their love and affection for each other. The week is filled with different themes and activities to celebrate love in various ways. Each day of the week has a specific meaning and is celebrated in its own unique way. The exact dates and celebrations may vary depending on the region and cultural customs, but the following days are widely recognized:

  1. Rose Day – February 7th
  2. Propose Day – February 8th
  3. Chocolate Day – February 9th
  4. Teddy Day – February 10th
  5. Promise Day – February 11th
  6. Hug Day – February 12th
  7. Kiss Day – February 13th
  8. Valentine’s Day – February 14th

People exchange gifts, flowers, chocolates, and cards to express their love and appreciation for each other during Valentine’s Week. It is a time for people to show affection and create special memories with their loved ones.

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Valentine week 2023 date sheet

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